Analysis: An Argument for Corporate Social Responsibility

Leslie Timmerman wrote “An Argument for Corporate Responsibility” with intent to inform us not only about the conscientiousness of corporate social responsibility but their “impacts on society and the environment” (Sylvan 309). Opposers of Corporate Social Responsibility would say that corporations sole job is to only generate money and worry about their own assets; however, from facts presented by Timmerman, that’s untrue. Timmerman does an excellent job presenting relevant facts and reliable sources to present her purpose. She uses PepsiCo as an example where PepsiCo was evidently instrumental in bringing back water to a water-deprived area in India. Though Pepsi did not cause the water shortage they were actively involved in bringing the water back, because “the well being of the community is part of the company’s responsibility” (Sylvan 310). It’s crucial for companies such as PepsiCo to take initiative on being a “positive change” in local communities and being conscience of corporate social responsibility. Timmerman grasps her reader’s attention early on with intriguing facts; she can then introduce statistics and academic sources without losing her reader’s attention. Overall, the author does an outstanding job presenting the severity of corporate social responsibility and large corporation’s potential on positively influencing society.

Update: I will definitely include/upload the original article soon.

Update Update: Although I couldn't find the original publication for the article "An Argument for Corporate Social Responsibility" by Leslie Timmerman, here is the textbook I got her article from: "Critical Thinking, Reading and Writing: A Brief Guide to Argument."

(June 6, 2019) Side note: My initial publication to the blog (the paragraph above) sounds overly archaic because it was submitted as an assignment for my advanced English course at my local college. 
What I found most interesting about the article was, quite literally, everything. I had never heard of corporate social responsibility (CSR), and learning about it was incredibly interesting. In fact, when I had first read it I was very confused but then I was able to understand that it's corporates (arguably) responsibility to take care of the area that they take up, like PepsiCo.
I was thinking about some examples, and in regards to one of my favorite shows, The Office, all lot of the characters from the show take great pride in the the town, Scranton, that they live in. So much so, that they host a fun-run for rabies awareness in the community and its pertinence: "Michael Scott's Dunder Mifflin Scranton Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure." Ever more so, the show Parks and Recreation although not a corporation show social awareness, which is a fundamental common underlying. Overall, I think CSR isn't publicized as much as it should be. I may not be a news junkie but I think I am well caught up with the news, and for me not to know what CSR is shows that other people probably don't know what it is.

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