August 6, 2019: Is Water Wet?

QOTD: Is Water Wet?
This was a question that "took the internet" by storm a while back and subsequently divided the argument into two groups: A. Water is wet B. Water cannot be wet. I thought this was a seemingly easy decision: water is not wet. However, I was surprised to see so many people say that water is indeed wet. Water is simply a pure substance consisting merely of H*2O molecules connected by hydrogen bonds. I, much like other people, declare that water cannot be wet because it can only cause something, like wetness. However, I heard the argument that water is wet because the way that water molecules are "fixated." Something along the lines of, "Because water makes things wet by touching them, water molecules essentially touch one another, therefore water is wet." This is blatantly hypothetical and with no true premise, especially considering that water molecules are actually connected by intermolecular forces, or hydrogen bonds, not unsystematically placed to one another.

Essentially, I think the argument that "water is wet" is unfounded and that water can only make things wet.

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