August 7: Should Low-Polling Candidates Drop Out?

QOTD: Should Low-polling Candidates for the President of the United States Drop Out of the Race?
Tulsi Gabbard

Yes and no. I am conflicted on this because I am rooting for a "low-polling" candidate, Tulsi Gabbard, but I also think anyone significantly low in the polls should drop out. Below is a picture of some of the most recent polls done by RealClearPolitics [1], where presidential candidates need to be polling at least a 2% in 3-4 national polls to qualify for the September debates, along with other factors.

I ultimately think that this upcoming debate will divide the field significantly. I think everyone polling below 1 or even 2 percent should consider dropping out of the already congested field of candidates. Yes, everyone has important ideas for the United States but not everyone can be President. And polling so far behind, I think some of the lowest polling candidates should consider leaving the race.

[1]: This will redirect you to the RealClearPolitics website that has recent updates about how democratic candidates for the President of the United States are polling within their party.

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