HONORS CLASSES! There is no linear path to the classes you should take that will optimize your success in the college application process. You should, however, take the most challenging course load. Notice how I didn't say, the MOST CLASSES. This does no reflect well. By taking an exuberant amount of classes you are showing colleges you don't have a genuine interest. Sure, I took 100 units at my local community college, but more than half of those classes were in the sciences and philosophy, to show that I had an affinity for these subjects.
This is the second biggest industry secret. It's been my goal for a long time to destigmatize community colleges because they are commonly seen as a resort when you fail out of high school. That is not the case! Trust me, when you go directly to a four-year university whether in-state or out-of-state with or without scholarships you are going to regret it when you see negative tens of thousands of dollars in student debt. Community colleges can change that! Not only can you get the EXACT same education, because you are taking principally breadth classes your first 2 years at a four year anyway. Not only that, but you are not competing with hundreds of equally ambitious students at a CC. If you put the effort in, you can flourish at a CC and work along a lot of retired or near-retirement renowned professors with a life of knowledge in a small classroom. Sure, liberal arts colleges offer the same thing, but at CC its for a FRACTION of the price. By applying the same amount of work you would at a 4 year that you don't think you would be great at because you're #1 rejected you, you can succeed at a CC and have glowing LOR from respected professors and transfer, with potential scholarship opportunities!
I am lucky enough to have a school so close to a community college that all I had to do was walk 1 minute from my HS to my college. But, explain to your parents, especially if your middle class because you are in the toughest position, the importance of CC and how you can still be a doctor, without so much debt.
If you are not so lucky that you don't have a CC, but you do have honors and/or AP courses, take the most challenging workload!
I am not as familiar with these courses, so take everything I say with an extra grain of salt, but I know that AP courses are similar to college courses. Again do not aim to take the most classes because then your grades could suffer, and it reflects a lot about you to colleges when you take SO many classes and show standard effort in each.
Instead, take the most interesting ones that align with your EC's and Essays as to reflect the kind of person you are!

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