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I would say that Grades are the most important quantitative aspect of your application. They show that you have a genuine interest in certain subjects and it shows that you can succeed (unless of course you have all A+ but a 800 SAT Score, it shows more about your school than you (capitalism sucks!)). Essentially, it's not impossible to have all A's. In fact, in an ideal society everyone could have all A's if our education system was smarter and actually entertained student's interests. At any rate, it is possible to get all A's if you apply yourself. In fact, if you have summer readings, stop reading this and complete that. It's a sign! Stop wasting time! But if you're not and you're quarantining like the rest of us..., where was I? 
Any who, grades say a lot about the student and although I said they are "the most important quantitative aspect of your application," it is NOT THE END OF THE WORLD GETTING A B.
If you have a B or 2, or 5! Ok 10 is pushing it, but don't let t
There's a Spongebob picture for everything lol
his deter you from applying to your dream college. When I got my first B, I started crying because I thought my world was over and Harvard would never accept me. But I accepted it and moved on, BUT with the wrong mentality. I said I was never going to get a B ever agin! But when I almost got a C in Intro to Calculus at my local college, I started crying again. Yes, I cry. But then, I had another epiphany, this time it was better than the toxic mindset from before. I told myself that it is OK to have not perfect grades, especially if you are thriving in your other classes AND working at 4 AM. Again, you don't have to be working at 4 AM for colleges to dismiss your grades, but have SOLID EC's.
Aim for A's! Don't cry over a B like I did, but don't settle for B's either. Keep yourself accountable and know that you are the only one in charge of your success (unless you are my Intro to Calc Prof. that gave everyone a <B).
For those of you interested, my final GPA W: 4.4 UW: 3.9. Again, though grades don't define you and I had around 6 B's when I applied to colleges.

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  1. I definitely has a different story lmao. I got 7 Bs in high school and 5 of them are from freshman years. Now I just hope that UCB or UCLA would accepted me since the rumor is they don't care about freshman year as much as others.


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