College App Survival Guide: INTRODUCTION

Hello everyone! I assume you clicked on this because you are 1) anxious about the college process given the uncertainty due to COVID or 2) just anxious about the college process. I created this mini guide about the college process, primarily built around my own experiences so it will relate to some more than others. For the most part, however, there should be some information that could pertain to you. If you didn't read the WHO AM I? tab somewhere in my blog than I will briefly introduce myself:

Hi! My name is Santos (Sahn-tos not Sahn-toes) and I am a recently-graduated Senior from the Central Valley here in California. I graduate top of my class and with two different associate degrees from my local college:
A.A. General Studies, with an emphasis in Language and Rationality, with Honors
A.A. General Studies, with an emphasis in Natural Sciences, with Honors
For a total of nearly 100 units. 
I am now attending my top-choice school, UC Berkeley as a Regents and Chancellors Scholar, which, for students who demonstrate need-based financial aid get all costs covered, all scholars get guaranteed housing for all four years and priority registration. I am currently studying PHILOSOPHY, LATIN, and BIOLOGY I was also accepted to all the other colleges I applied to: UCLA, UC San Diego, and UC Davis.
Now, I will go over my other "stats" in other posts such as, but not limited to, extracurriculars, SAT's, grades, etc. If this mini-series is able to help even one person that would mean the most to me. (Take everything here with a grain of salt).

Summer 2020: UC Berkeley

Hello everyone!!
Long time no hear. Ok, so I recently started my journey at UC Berkeley (!) this summer and I wanted to quickly discuss the courses I was taking this summer. First, I am taking Physics 8A: Introduction to Physics. 
Before signing up for this class I had never taken a physics class, so you can imagine how I felt when I found out that I am not so good at physics. At any rate, I am studying nearly everyday when I am not in lecture or discussion and doing everything possible to succeed. 
For those of you interested, we covered position, velocity, acceleration, and the likes the first week. Then, the second week we covered various topics in friction forces. And this week we covered work, and the likes. 
    As for my second class, I am taking Philosophy 25B: Modern Philosophy. This class only started this week (July 7th) so we haven't covered much. But thus far, the class is intriguing. We are currently discussing Descartes and his propositions of being. Which is actually what this blog was founded on! Descarte's proposition of "I think, therefore I am." I'll probably upload another post about what I think about this proposition and how Descarte's thinks this is the most valid argument/realization, what have you, in the world. At any rate, this class has been interesting thus far and my professor and GSI are very knowledgable woman — that's an understatement. 
I'm adamant to learn more! That's all, and I'll be posting soon about what classes I hope to be taking this Fall, and whether or not I get into them. Stay safe and wear a mask!

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