Dorian Electra - Flamboyant

Dorian Electra (pronouns them/theirs!) has released their debut album Flamboyant, and to say the least, it precedes the name — electric! Electra's music knows no boundaries, incorporating musical fluctuations from heavy metal beats to eerie pitches in the same line(!), such as on the track "Musical Genius."
Dorian is no stranger to obliterating boundaries. They make no effort to hide their androgynous looks — in fact, amplifying this narrative in their favor — to project their idiosyncratic nature through tunes.
Laden throughout their LP, are countless witty innuendos that point out the daily challenges and realities they face as a queer woman: "Emasculate me. Cut the man right out of me;" "I know I ain't straight, but Imma say it straight to you;" "God made me and Adam and Steve. And he loves me."
Most importantly, Dorian's album pays homage to the upcoming genre of Hyper Pop, and is doing so profoundly. 

RATING: 8/10

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