Philosophy: Favorite Philosopher

With no new content from my Philosophy of Science class, I made the executive decision to discuss my favorite philosopher — very briefly. It may sound cliche, but I definitely believe my favorite philosopher has to be Socrates. Not only because he is arguably the foundation of philosophy and other deep thinking and inquisition, but because of his dedication. Although he never wrote anything reading everything from Plato's point-of-view makes it that much more impactful. I skimmed over the Socratic Dialogues during my introduction to philosophy class and was immediately captivated. I took the course — at first — solely for the units, but after some time I learned it was something I was interested in, and that all started with Socrates. Back to Socrates, his unwillingness to conform to common Athenian ideology makes him admirable. He died for what he believed in despite all of the disapproval from Athenian officials and that is something that is next level. I do plan on reading the Socratic Dialogues sometime this semester and will definitely publish a formal review and analysis.

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