Why I'm Advocating for Tulsi Gabbard...Sort of

UPDATE: This was from August, I believe, and this is no longer my definitive stance. Although I think that Tulsi Gabbard is an ideal candidate to be the next President of the United States, I am also not myopic and understand that she will most likely not get the vote. Which is why I instead to upload a new article about who I plan to vote for. This is also severely under-revised and I would rather not add to it as to not change or affect the initial intention.

Why am I rooting for Representative Tulsi Gabbard?

Aside from her overwhelmingly qualified background enlisting into the U.S. Army after 9/11, served as a soldier for over sixteen years, deployed twice to the Middle East, and has served in Congress for over seven years I am voting for Gabbard because of her non-interventional ideology, which deviates from the cookie-cutter arguments the other candidates propose, aside from Yang and his national dividend. She proposes fundamental problems that I was never aware of, for example, how the government said "seek immediate shelter" during the hectic bombing alerts during January of last year in Hawaii, when "there is no shelter" [1]. This is something that has become increasingly important, considering the rising tensions that the Trump administration is provoking with nuclear-yielding countries, like North Korea.

Additionally, she announced during the second democratic debates that we are spending four billion dollars on a war every month that evidently does not deescalate tensions. As a veteran, she understands the risk we are putting American citizens in by placing them in foreign territory. Instead of putting our tax dollars into a perilous war, we need to place an emphasis on domestic issues and priorities (the list is too long).

When asked whether or not Representative Gabbard would keep the tariffs that Donald Trump has on China she says:
"I would not. Because the approach that President Trump has taken is extremely volatile and without any clear strategic plan and it has a ravaging and devastating effect on our domestic manufacturers on our farmers that are already stuggling and now failing to see the light of day because of the plan that Trump has taken" [1].
Working with my father who has a windshield business which is our household's main source of income, the ineffective tariffs are effecting the well-being of my father's business. The Trump Administration has consistently used the use of tariffs as a "scare tactic" that has been proven ineffective and unfounded, which Gabbard vehemently scrutinizes because she is aware of the consequences.

Climate change

[1]: This is a Youtube video from Tulsi Gabbard's youtube channel where she says, in her closing statement, that in a case of an International bombing on us, the U.S., there is no shelter. (8:19-8:22)

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